The story of Daddy Evans

Daddy Evans acknowledges having a great talent and he is proud to talk about it. He has never recorded a song, he has never been on the radio and he has barely participated in small concerts in Kibera. However, listening to his lyrics, style and strength, it is hardly understandable.

Not only is his style, pausing and deep, defining of him, his message also talks by itself. He wants his music to be an inspiration for younger people whom he shares concerns with. Evans invites the young to find their talent to thrive and especially to be happy. “Pay yourself by being happy” he says.

Daddy Evans emphasizes the importance of showing the positive side of the slum: its people, businesses, initiatives, struggles… However, he thinks that, if we have to include the negative, it has to be always be viewed to find a different angle.  Moreover, as he concludes, the media will take over focusing in the negative.