The story of Wikedest

Wikedest works part time in the laundry department of one of the public hospitals of Nairobi. He has a wife and two kids and, although he is not from Kibera, he moved in several years ago. Back then he discovered a secret, that Kibera is a beautiful place to live, and now he is its best ambassador, talking and singing its virtues and inviting the people to come visit.

Music has accompanied Wikedest all his life. He recalls the day he and his classmates realized he could sing. It was 1999 and Shaggy´s Bombastic song was a hype. He memorized it and came to class to share it with his mates. They were astonished, “you can sing!” they said, and he believed them.

He recognizes music is a difficult industry and talent alone is not enough, marketing is essential too. Although now radios and TVs are spreading around Kenya, it is still a challenge for artist because the well-established artists try to shout down upcoming ones. However, Wikedest is not going to give up and keeps singing and walking around Kibera with a smile in his face, greeting people from in and out the slum.