The story of Philip Oyoo

Philip Oyoo, also known as Baba or Phlexible moves comfortably among the narrow streets and ditches of Kibera. It is usual to see him walking the slum up and down, always moving, active, taking part in countless meetings of social cooperatives and initiatives.

Phlexible was lucky to have someone who paid for his primary and secondary education. Once he graduated from high school he had no doubt of what he wanted to do: become a music producer. However, his sponsor, considering that profession had no future in the slum, pressured him to opt for a more traditional career as a carpenter or a teacher. But Phlexible never chooses the easy way and he firmly believes that music is passion.

For Flexible, music is a way of life. He rehearses two times a week with other artists with a small speaker and he dreams of having his own studio production equipment that will enable him to be self-sufficient.